Beyond with baxter

Have you ever felt a ghostly presence while alone in a room?

Have you wanted to communicate with a spirit but weren’t sure how?

Many years ago, the Crystal Rose was the scene of a tragic murder. Now the home of the Yak & Yeti, the restaurant is still haunted by the restless spirit of the victim. Staff and guests witness strange occurrences throughout the building. They hear phantom footsteps and disembodied voices, and see shadows and poltergeist activity. Baxter was brought in to investigate the haunting.

Now, after three years of investigation and seances, Baxter helps you hear the voice and feel the cool touch of this ghost.

Do you dare touch the childhood belongings of the victim?
Can you cope with seeing the footage of the victim himself trying to contact the dead?

Enjoy a 90 minute show of stepping into the Beyond with baxter.

-Five stars! My husband and I had a great time and Baxter was a talented and funny host! -Elaine from Denver

-I simply did not know what to expect when we were seated. Baxter blew us away. I watched silverware bend before my eyes and the ending truly twisted my mind! -Jeff from Arvada

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Tickets are selling out quickly and since this is a limited engagement, this could be your only chance to see this unique show.