Forced Into Possession

“Full” Disclosure?

What happens when you find out that a grisly murder has taken place in your house, and suddenly, you have trouble sleeping at night? Every sound you hear must be the ghost of those that lived and died here; spirits that are now tied to this place for all eternity. This homicidal information was not disclosed when you first took possession of the property and now you feel lied to, and you want to leave. On the other hand, the leasing company says “no”.

This happened to a family in Salt Lake City, UT. In a story outlined HERE, you will read about the “mysterious events” that drove them out of this nice house in a quiet neighborhood. (Which sounds like another “based on a true story” movie that needs to be rewritten and exploited…)

In the US, laws surrounding disclosure of a real estate’s past differ across states. Subjective claims such as “hauntings” shouldn’t be brought up, but major crimes should be disclosed. If you move into a house where a major crime took place, you could suddenly find yourself the recipient of the hatred and misunderstanding targeted at the property by those affected by the former happenings there. Your home should be your sanctuary, but knowledge of a violent past can certainly change that perception.

On the Topic of Perception

I first saw this story referenced on Facebook. I was tagged in a post about it and naturally read it. In the comments below the posting, I saw several people excited by the idea of going to investigate this house for paranormal activity. I’m sorry, but nothing compelling was reported in terms of paranormal activity by the family. Here is the list:

• Garage door opens and closes randomly

• Mother hears crying voices while in the shower

• Very young child talks to unseen visitor

These things are painfully explainable. I tend to not want to waste my time with questionable data that is only backed up with questionable data. If the young child was levitating while arguing with this invisible entity, that would be different.

First off, garage doors work on radio frequencies. It is not abnormal to have a neighbor with the same frequency. Every time either of you opens your garage door, the other opens or closes as well. It could also be that the mechanism is faulty. These possibilities need to be exhausted first.

Running water can easily mimic the sounds of other things. Do you think we call brooks “babbling” by accident? If you have any sound that continues for more than several seconds, your mind will attempt to create order in the chaos. How often do you think your phone is ringing while you dry your hair? This is called apophenia. Unless taking a shower makes your roommates cry with joy, you probably are experiencing this fun aural effect.

If you have a child that never talked to anything that wasn’t there, you might need to get that child checked out by a professional.

None of the “evidence” put forth to indicate “mysterious forces” is valid on its own. The fact that these claims are supposed to support each other is no more convincing.

If my voice could make any difference in this, I would tell the leasing company to let the woman out of her lease for not giving her the freedom to choose if this house’s past would bother her quality of life. I would not, however, have anyone waste their time on the paranormal claims of this residence until something far more convincing was reported.

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