NASA’s Curiosity Rover takes image of what looks like cloaked woman on Mars!

I sighed a huge sigh of relief this morning when I saw the headline that a woman was spotted on Mars. Now The Weekly Mars News newspaper will be able to print that “Martian Woman Has Martian Bigfoot Baby” or “Martian Bigfoot’s Lonely Days Are Over”.

You know, headlines claiming that intelligent, complex life on Mars has been spotted are cute. Well, they would be cute if they were written by children for a school project. These headlines are written by adults. Adults that should know better. Adults that should understand that, well, for one thing, Mars is not in any condition to support complex life as we know it. Secondly, low resolution photos that get blown up tend to start to look confusing. Photos like this are basically a Rorschach test to see what stupid conspiracies you have floating around in your head. Any one person could see something different from any other person.

If we were to assume that life like this could exist on Mars, in analyzing the photo, we would need more info. What is the scale of the objects in the photo? The image in the famous Martian Bigfoot photo turned out the be only a few inches high. Too be fair, so was Marvin the Martian. We simply can’t jump to conclusions without more information but that is how you know that something is bullshit. You are fed conclusions with no real backup. Even in this short post I have backed up my conclusions with actual points of reality and I intend to update it as more information comes in.

Check out the story below. Just for fun, see how far your IQ drops from viewing it.

Woman Spotted On Mars


Well, more information did come in. First off, I emailed my friend and research scientist, Dr. Stuart Robbins. This is what he had to say:

” I can tell you that my recollection is that the sedimentary layers are something around centimeters thick, and you’re looking at sedimentary layers there.”

Centimeters thick. That’s one tiny woman.

But there’s more! If you actually go to NASA’s site and look at all of the images taken by that camera (Mastcam: Left) on that day, you can see that it is actually a very small rock outcropping that looks different depending on the position of the sun. Just look at this post by Faktoider. They break it down real nice.

Here is a shot of the woman (who never moves) throughout the Martian day.m31

There are always pictures of things that look like other things. Your maturity level will often help dictate what you see. Check out these examples.


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